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Redefining the future of women's health

About Us.

We aim to enable early prevention of preterm birth through prediction

Carmentix is a venture backed startup company developing a novel biomarker prognostic panel for preterm birth. Preterm birth is the birth of babies before 37 weeks of gestation. One of every ten babies are born preterm around the world.

Carmentix is determined to significantly reduce the number of preterm birth in the global setting by establishing biomolecular tools that will alert clinicians for the risk of preterm birth weeks before symptoms occur.​ As preterm birth is a global issue, Carmentix's goal is to achieve a cost effective solution that would be robust and accurate and will accommodate the majority of clinical settings worldwide.

What we do.

From bioinformatics to biomarkers

Using data mining and multiple pathway analysis, we developed a novel panel of protein biomarkers that are able to identify asymptomatic women at risk of preterm birth

Featured News

Sponsorship and participation at the 10th DIP conference

Carmentix is proud to announce our engagement with both clinicians and scientist at the 10th DIP conference in Florence.

Carmentix is embarking on a multi-center prospective clinical study with UoM, CUHK and The Henan Province People's Hospital.

"Preterm Birth Biomarker Discovery" Initiative

Carmentix and the University of Melbourne initiated a clinical collaboration to validate novel biomarkers to assess the risk for preterm birth.

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