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News coverage of PPeTaL study in Melbourne

The collaboration between Carmentix and the University of Melbourne, known as the Predicting Preterm Labour (PPeTaL) study, has been covered by various news outlet in Australia. The study aims to recruit over 3000 expecting women over 3 years as part of a multi-center prospective study.

Carmentix and the University of Melbourne have worked together to identify various biomarkers that has been shown to be associated with women at labor in a retrospective study. The PPeTaL prospective study will allow us to further validate and fine tune these biomarkers. This will allow us to finalize a set of biomarkers which can accurately predict asymptomatic women who are at a high risk of preterm birth.

The PPeTaL study is led by chief executive officer Nir Arbel and his team of scientist at Carmentix, together with Prof Shaun Brennecke, Dr Harry Georgiou and Dr Megan Di Quinzio from the University of Melbourne.

For more on the news coverage:

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