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Collaboration between Carmentix and Henan Provincial People's Hospital

Carmentix Pte Ltd (“Carmentix”) is proud to announce a collaboration with the People’s Hospital of Henan, China to carry out clinical research on preterm birth prediction. This collaboration includes the collection of patient samples for validation of Carmentix novel biomarkers in the Chinese population.

Carmentix`s CEO, Dr. Nir Arbel said: "This is a huge step for us at Carmentix and the scientific community towards impacting preterm birth rates. We are anxious to demonstrate, in the Chinese population, that we are able to accurately predict women at risk weeks or months before they present symptoms, thus giving clinicians a new prognostic tool."

While we anticipate 3000 samples (all comers) to be collected over the next 2 years, Henan’s large population of approximately 100 million presents the potential of an expansion of sample collection and clinical research scope in the future.

Dr. Guangzhi Liu (Deputy Director of The People’s Hospital of Henan) and Dr. Nir Arbel (CEO of Carmentix) upon signing of agreement

About Preterm Birth:

Preterm Birth is defined as the birth of an infant before 37 weeks of gestation. In 2015, 15 million infants were born preterm and over a million of those did not survive their first month of life. China has the second highest number of preterm birth, at 1 million per year, second to India.

About The People’s Hospital of Henan, China:

The People’s Hospital of Henan covers an area of 140 acres with 3900 beds and 249 ICU beds. Each year, the hospital tends to about 3 million people in the emergency department, performs approximately 90,000 surgeries, and discharges 170,000 patients. Besides many departments, the hospital also works on 11 key national clinical projects, has 18 clinical focused disciplines, 5 research units for academics, 17 national training centers and 42 quality control, treatment and research centers. In all, there are 720 professional and specialised personnel in The People's Hospital of Henan, of which 62 are provincial experts, 142 hold a Master’s or PhD degree and 32 spearhead the academics arena in Henan.

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